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A list of products and services available through the Naypree Enterprises Healthcare Division.

H e a l t h c a r e

The Healthcare Division of Naypree Enterprises is committed to the promotion of health, health education, and the support and building of health care systems. From health education collaboration to healthcare consulting, our Chief Consultant and team offer 23 years of experience in healthcare and healthcare business; standing ready to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, communities, and governments.

Primary Care Consulting

Primary Care Consulting


Our Primary Care Consulting Service is available to assist in the building of a new primary care practice or the reorganization of an existing primary care practice.  

A complete ready-made model.  This gold star service gives you the peace of mind of having all ducks already in a row. We eliminate your foot work and guess work with a decrease in your start-up time frame as your business plans and infrastructure are already established for you.  

Our consultant has 23 years of experience in healthcare and runs a primary care practice. Options are available for consulting and advice only or consulting, advice, and integration of the primary care practice model. Download the contract to get started on your journey!

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