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A list of products and services available through the Naypree Enterprises Healthcare Division.

H e a l t h c a r e

The Healthcare Division of Naypree Enterprises is committed to the promotion of health, health education, and the support and building of health care systems. From health education collaboration to healthcare consulting, our Chief Consultant and team offer 23 years of experience in healthcare and healthcare business; standing ready to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, communities, and governments.

Long Term Care Consulting

Long Term Care Consulting


We offer consulting for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and personal care/LTC homes. Our consultant has worked in long term care for an approximate total of 15 years from the position of CNA to the position of RN Assessment Coordinator to the position of Staff Development Coordinator in both employee and management positions. Your organization deserves and would benefit from a consultant who offers a broad perspective across many areas in your LTC organization. Options are available for consulting and advice only for consulting and advice plus integration of a ready-made long term care model.

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