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A list of products and services available through the Naypree Enterprises Healthcare Division.

H e a l t h c a r e

The Healthcare Division of Naypree Enterprises is committed to the promotion of health, health education, and the support and building of health care systems. From health education collaboration to healthcare consulting, our Chief Consultant and team offer 23 years of experience in healthcare and healthcare business; standing ready to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, communities, and governments.

C.N.A Certification Practice Exam

C.N.A Certification Practice Exam


So, it is finished! You have finally completed your C.N.A. Certification Exam. However, you know that the road doesn’t stop here. You now need to take your State exam. You need to prepare. You need to study. How do you know where to begin with that? Shouldn’t you know what your weaknesses and strengths are to focus your study plans? Our C.N.A. Certification Practice Exam can give you that guidance. Contact us to set your test date for our practice exam. Get ready!

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